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SWL obtains licenses to adapt and publish books from other countries in Africa and around the World. SWL books are also licensed by publishers in other countries.

  • With SWL books, buyers and readers are always assured of high quality Ghanaian educational books. They are the best on the market and the average student or reader would easily understand the contents of SWL books even if read independently. SWL books help in consolidating the understanding of lessons learnt in class as well as help pupils to learn and prepare ahead of lessons. Again, all SWL textbooks are syllabus-compliant and informative.

    Mr. Francis AmagloPress Assistant, SWL

  • Our prices, discount policy and swiftness in delivery (i.e. for online customers) are areas in the book publishing and marketing industry that other publishers cannot beat. Visit us at the SWL Head Office, Dansoman –Sahara or make book purchases online via our website ( and have a feel of the new experience. We are ready and thrilled to serve you always!

    Nekht Attopley Head of Marketing and Sales, SWL

  • My contact with SWL books has not been long but having been amazed by the quality of their books, I have every intention to prolong the use and sale of their publications. Fascinated by the best quality and most affordable prices, I will readily recommend SWL Books to anyone without a second thought!

    Mr. Winfred V. AdabraCEO, Palm Consult Ltd. (Accredited Distributor of SWL Books)

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