Frequently Asked Questions

  • Publisher's Representative


    Sam-Woode Ltd (SWL) wishes to appoint interested persons/firms as Representatives in the under listed countries.

    Nigeria, La Cote d’Ivoire; Sierra Leone, Republic of Togo, Ethiopia, Namibia, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, The Republic of Cameroon, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and

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  • What is the SWL new trading policy?

    Sam-Woode Ltd is now promoting and selling SWL Textbooks and Storybooks online. You are invited to visit SWL's interactive website:

    • You Preview SWL Books online at, select Books Preview and choose from the various categories to preview the textbooks and storybooks published by SAM-WOODE LTD .
    • Order/Buy SWL Books
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  • General Marketing & Sales

    · Is SWL’s wholesale 50% discount (cash-and-carry) still being implemented?

    The 50% generalized discount was officially ended on 31 st March 2015. However, a customer can still earn 50% discount when he/she purchases 1000 or more single copies of books.

    · Does SWL supply or sell books on credit?

    No, SWL does

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  • Online Sales

    · Which courier service(s) does SWL use for delivering books ordered online or by phone calls?

    Graphic Courier Service, UPS and DHL .

    · How long would it take for orders to be delivered within Ghana and outside Ghana?

    One (1) to five (5) days for deliveries within Ghana and a maximum of

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  • Distributorship & Representation

    · How does one become a Distributor of SWL Books?

    SWL offers Accredited Distributorship rights to persons or book marketing/distribution firms based on meeting some criteria and agreeing to terms spelt out in our Distributorship Agreement. Please click here to apply for a sample of our Distributorship Agreement (and Incentive Package)

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  • Authorship & Book Development

    · Does SWL publish only Pre-School and Basic School books?

    SWL publishes main textbooks, supplementary textbooks and storybooks for all levels –Pre-School, Primary School, Junior High School and Senior High School.

    · Are SWL textbooks syllabus-compliant?

    All SWL main textbooks strictly conform to all respective current syllabuses of the various subjects for

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Location: No. 1 Adole Abla Link, Opposite St. Augustine Anglican Church, Sahara-Dansoman, Accra.

 P.O.Box AN 12719, Accra-North, Ghana.

 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Phone: (+233) 030 2305287

 Fax +233 030 2310482


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