Sam-Woode Ltd is now promoting and selling SWL Textbooks and Storybooks online. You are invited to visit SWL's interactive website:

  • You Preview SWL Books online at, select Books Preview and choose from the various categories to preview the textbooks and storybooks published by SAM-WOODE LTD.
  • Order/Buy SWL Books online from SWL's E-Book Store (
  • Enjoy fantastic discounts (from 10% to 50%) from SWL’s Wholesale Cash and Carry Trading Policy.


Sam-Woode Ltd. (SWL) wishes to invite School Proprietors/Heads, Teachers, Bookshops,Distributors, Librarians, Parents, and OrganizaƟons, Individuals and other buyers and users of books to study this brochure, to understand our Wholesale Cash and Carry Trading Policy. SWL aims at ensuring that book buyers purchase original SWL Books at very affordable prices online from the comfort of their homes, offices, schools etc. and have their books delivered to them or walk-in to our Head Office at Dansoman to make purchases.

The Terms and Conditions are as follows:

(i) Earn up to 50% discount on our current prices depending on the number of copies you buy.

See table below:



From 1 – 5 copies


From 6 – 10 copies


From 11 – 15 copies


From 16 – 20 copies


From 21 – 25 copies


From 26 – 30 copies


From 31 - 40 copies


From 41 – 50 copies


Above 50 copies



a.       Order Quantity (Copies): Refers to the number of books to order before the applicable discount can be applied.


c.       Order quantities (copies) could be from a single title or a combination of titles

d.      Minimum quantity to qualify for discounts is 10 copies.

e.      Retail PricesRetail Prices of all SWL Books in print are published in SWL’s current price list which are available online as well as in print form. The current SWL price list can also be sent by e-mail to customers upon request to 0270551446 and 0270551338.


(ii)  Mode of Payment:

(a)    Walk-in Customers: Cash, Cleared Cheques, Bank Transfer to SWL Account. SWL Account Numbers for Transfers and Cash/Cheque pay-ins are as follows:

1.       Capital Bank – A/c No. 1920001082051288, Branch: Dansoman

2.       Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) – A/c No. 1091000004263501, Branch: Dansoman

3.       Ecobank – A/c No. 0080134409664501, Branch: Dansoman 


(b)   Online Customers: Cleared Cheques, Cash/Cheque pay-in to SWL Account, Mpower Payment Service/Visa and Bank transfer


(iii)    Delivery: 

a.       SWL will deliver the books through our Courier Service Providers upon request. Packaging and delivery cost will be charged to your invoice and delivery will be done only after SWL has received payment for your order.

b.      Customers who opt to collect their books from the SWL wholesale shop at Dansoman, Sahara-Accra (Ghana) would pay only the Total Net Value of the books on Cash and Carry basis. 

c.   Customers may also buy SWL Books through local Book sellers on mutually agreed Trading terms.

Why Purchase SWL Books?

 • SWL Textbooks are well-researched, easily understandable and syllabus-compliant.

 • SWL books are written by seasoned authors from Basic Schools to Universities across Ghana.

 • SWL storybooks (readers) are educative and inspiring, encouraging readers to read more and form the habit of reading.

 • SWL books are of very high standards in terms of content, design, illustration, binding etc.

·      Request to See Sample Copies of SWL Books: SWL admits that a school would want to inspect single copies of our books before adopting them. Below are three ways of accessing samples of SWL Books:


a.     Visit our interactive website ( under Book Preview option to help you select and flip through some pages of our books before making the decision to adopt the book for your school.

b.    Request for FREE installation of an electronic catalogue of ALL SWL Books on your computer. You do not need internet connection to preview the books. Place your request to 0270551446 or 0270551338.


c.     You may also come to the Wholesale shop at the Head Office of SWL and request to assess titles before purchase or visit a Bookshop near you.


1.     Kindly place your orders by text messaging or phone calls to the Marketing & Sales Team of SWL on the following contact numbers (0270551446, 0270551334, 0270551449)

2.     You can place orders by email to (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

3.     Orders could also be placed at our website at ( Kindly call 0270551446 for notification of order.

4.     A Pro-forma invoice will be generated by SWL based on the order placed. Prof-forma Invoice could be sent back to you by email.

5.     Based on the Pro-forma Invoice, customers must make full payment of the total cost in the form of:

a.     Cash at SWL Head Office (Dansoman -Sahara)

b.    Cleared Cheque

c.     Cash/Cheque pay-ins


Payment should be done before customers take delivery of the orders. Customers who pay cheques into SWL’s Bank Accounts will have to wait for clearance notice from SWL before collection of books or delivery via Courier Service. (See above under Mode of Payment)

A full price list: Please check for the current year’s price list. It is also available online at


Location: No. 1 Adole Abla Link, Opposite St. Augustine Anglican Church, Dansoman-Sahara, Accra.


CONTACTS: Tel: 0270551334, 0270551449, 0270551446 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

·         Does SWL publish only Pre-School and Basic School books?

SWL publishes main textbooks, supplementary textbooks and storybooks for all levels –Pre-School, Primary School, Junior High School and Senior High School.


·         Are SWL textbooks syllabus-compliant?

All SWL main textbooks strictly conform to all respective current syllabuses of the various subjects for the various levels of education –Pre-School, Primary School, Junior High School, Senior High School, etc. These are displayed in our current catalogue. As a matter of fact, SWL textbooks that are now being revised to conform to current syllabuses or are yet to be published have duly displayed in the catalogue as ‘COMING OUT SOON’ in the catalogue. Thus, our customers are assured of syllabus-compliant textbooks always.


·         What are Main Textbooks and Supplementary Textbooks?

Main Textbooks include those based strictly on Government/GES-approved subjects and syllabuses for the various levels of education. In addition to these are Supplementary Textbooks, which are those that are designed to support the Main Textbooks by helping pupils or students to get a better understanding of a subject, offer detailed or further reading, more examples, exercises etc. (e.g. Workbooks). They are also a helpful resource for teachers.


·          Does SWL accept unsolicited manuscripts?

SWL generally does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. The Editorial Department usually constitutes panels or teams to write specific books. However, we may study unsolicited manuscripts and study them according to their own merits and their conformity to the Publisher’s (i.e. SWL’s) editorial standards.


·         How does SWL recruit authors?


Usually authors are sourced from lecturers in the nation’s leading universities. Advertisements for such authors may be placed in the dailies or on the SWL Website. Alternatively, SWL may advertise in the dailies to elicit manuscripts from authors on specific titles or subject areas.

·         Which courier service(s) does SWL use for delivering books ordered online or by phone calls?

Graphic Courier Service, UPS and DHL.


·         How long would it take for orders to be delivered within Ghana and outside Ghana?

One (1) to five (5) days for deliveries within Ghana and a maximum of 28 days for foreign deliveries.


·         By what means can a customer pay for online transactions?

Customers can make payments to SWL through the following:

a)      Mpower Payment Service

b)      Debit/Credit Cards

c)       Bank Transfer

d)      Mobile Money (MTN, TIGO, AIRTEL)


·         What is the difference between SWL’s E-library and the E-store on

The E-library is the link on the SWL Website from where sections of SWL Books can be previewed in PDF format by customer/visitors to the website. The E-store is the link where customers can make online purchases of SWL Books.


·         What are the steps in ordering SWL Books from the online bookstore on

Step 1:          Visit

Step 2:          Click on ‘Store

Step 3:          Click of Book Category of your choice on the menu bar (Pre-School, Primary, JHS, SHS,                          Storybooks, Textbooks etc)

Step 4:          Select your preferred title(s) and click ‘Add to Cart’ to start building a list of books you                                   wish to buy.

Step 5:          Increase or maintain the quantity of book(s) selected and proceed to ‘Checkout’ if                                  selection is complete.

Step 6:          You can checkout as a Guest or Register your details with us. Then click on ‘Continue’.

Step 7:          Enter your Billing Information. Then click on ‘Continue’.

Step 8:          Enter your Shipping Information (if it is different from the Billing Details). Then click on                                       ‘Continue’.

Step 9:          Select a Shipping Method (i.e. Pick up from Store or opt for Delivery Service)

Step 10:        Select your preferred Payment Method

Step 11:        Tick Terms and Conditions

Step 12:        Confirm your order

Step 13:        Enter your Payment Account Details and Submit payment.


·         Can customers download E-books from

Currently, SWL does not provide e-book content on its own from its website, This will be implemented soon. Currently, electronic versions (i.e. e-books) of SWL Books can, however, be obtained for use by schools, libraries, individuals and other organisations from two main e-book service providers/distributors –Worldreader and KenKhanya Limited. They may be contacted as follows:


(i)     \n ">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Address:     #506, 2nd Avenue,

                       Suite 1800,


                       Washington, 98104,


Mobile:       (+233)0246393135


E-mail:         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(ii)   KenKhanya Limited

Address:  Hse. No. 27,

                    Jubilee Road,

                    AU Village,

                    Cantonments –Accra

Mobile:     (+233)0284784390, 0509784390


E-mail:      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


·         How does one become a Distributor of SWL Books?

SWL offers Accredited Distributorship rights to persons or book marketing/distribution firms based on meeting some criteria and agreeing to terms spelt out in our Distributorship Agreement. Please click here to apply for a sample of our Distributorship Agreement (and Incentive Package) and Application Form to study.


·         Does SWL have Representatives?

From time to time, SWL may appoint Country Representatives in neighbouring African countries as well as Honorary Representatives in the various Districts across Ghana.


·         What is the operational jurisdiction of SWL Distributors


SWL’s Accredited Distributors operate within specified Regions or Districts of Ghana.

·         Is SWL’s wholesale 50% discount (cash-and-carry) still being implemented?

The 50% generalized discount was officially ended on 31st March 2015. However, a customer can still earn 50% discount when he/she purchases 1000 or more single copies of books.


·         Does SWL supply or sell books on credit?

No, SWL does not supply or sell its books on credit. However, SWL generously offers its customers high, attractive discounts per quantity purchased as displayed in the Discount Matrix below:






15 – 99 Books  


100 – 199 Books


200 – 349 Books


350 – 549 Books


550 – 749 Books


750 – 999 Books


1000 books and above




·         What other products does SWL offer apart from textbooks and storybooks?

Mainly Stationery: Note 1 Exercise Books (From 2016, SWL will include Note 3, Foolscap Notebook, Primary Exercise Book Series [i.e. A1, A2, D1, D2 and G] to its stationery list)


·         Does the SWL Discount Matrix apply to SWL’s stationery



·         Does SWL supply to schools, bookshops/distributors?


Unfortunately, SWL does not deliver books directly to schools or bookshops by itself or at its own expense. The good news, however, is that customers’ transportation and other costs is largely covered by the high discounts offered by SWL. [Note: Customers who order SWL Books online or via e-mail or by phone would have to pay extra to cater for packaging and delivery].M

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