·         Does SWL publish only Pre-School and Basic School books?

SWL publishes main textbooks, supplementary textbooks and storybooks for all levels –Pre-School, Primary School, Junior High School and Senior High School.


·         Are SWL textbooks syllabus-compliant?

All SWL main textbooks strictly conform to all respective current syllabuses of the various subjects for the various levels of education –Pre-School, Primary School, Junior High School, Senior High School, etc. These are displayed in our current catalogue. As a matter of fact, SWL textbooks that are now being revised to conform to current syllabuses or are yet to be published have duly displayed in the catalogue as ‘COMING OUT SOON’ in the catalogue. Thus, our customers are assured of syllabus-compliant textbooks always.


·         What are Main Textbooks and Supplementary Textbooks?

Main Textbooks include those based strictly on Government/GES-approved subjects and syllabuses for the various levels of education. In addition to these are Supplementary Textbooks, which are those that are designed to support the Main Textbooks by helping pupils or students to get a better understanding of a subject, offer detailed or further reading, more examples, exercises etc. (e.g. Workbooks). They are also a helpful resource for teachers.


·          Does SWL accept unsolicited manuscripts?

SWL generally does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. The Editorial Department usually constitutes panels or teams to write specific books. However, we may study unsolicited manuscripts and study them according to their own merits and their conformity to the Publisher’s (i.e. SWL’s) editorial standards.


·         How does SWL recruit authors?


Usually authors are sourced from lecturers in the nation’s leading universities. Advertisements for such authors may be placed in the dailies or on the SWL Website. Alternatively, SWL may advertise in the dailies to elicit manuscripts from authors on specific titles or subject areas.