Sam-Woode Ltd is now promoting and selling SWL Textbooks and Storybooks online. You are invited to visit SWL's interactive website:

  • You Preview SWL Books online at, select Books Preview and choose from the various categories to preview the textbooks and storybooks published by SAM-WOODE LTD.
  • Order/Buy SWL Books online from SWL's E-Book Store (
  • Enjoy fantastic discounts (from 15% to 50%) from SWL’s Wholesale Cash and Carry Trading Policy.


Sam-Woode Ltd. (SWL) wishes to invite School Proprietors/Heads, Teachers, Bookshops,Distributors, Librarians, Parents, and OrganizaƟons, Individuals and other buyers and users of books to study this brochure, to understand our Wholesale Cash and Carry Trading Policy. SWL aims at ensuring that book buyers purchase original SWL Books at very affordable prices online from the comfort of their homes, offices, schools etc. and have their books delivered to them or walk-in to our Head Office at Dansoman to make purchases.

The Terms and Conditions are as follows:

(i) Earn up to 50% discount on our current prices depending on the number of copies you buy.

See table below:


From 10 – 99 Books 15%
From 100 – 249 Books 20%
From 250 – 399 Books 25%
From 400 – 649 Books 30%
From 650 – 899 Books 35%
From 900 – 1,299 Books 40%
From 1,300 - 1,799 Books 45%
From 1,800 Books and above 50%


a.       Order Quantity (Copies): Refers to the number of books to order before the applicable discount can be applied.

b.      Quantity of books order below 10 copies (i.e. from 1-9 copies) will not attract any discount. Customers will pay full retail price for such order.

c.       Order quantities (copies) could be from a single title or a combination of titles

d.      Minimum quantity to qualify for discounts is 10 copies.

e.      Retail PricesRetail Prices of all SWL Books in print are published in SWL’s current price list which are available online as well as in print form. The current SWL price list can also be sent by e-mail to customers upon request to 0270551446 and 0270551338.


(ii)  Mode of Payment:

(a)    Walk-in Customers: Cash, Cleared Cheques, Bank Transfer to SWL Account. SWL Account Numbers for Transfers and Cash/Cheque pay-ins are as follows:

1.       Capital Bank – A/c No. 1920001082051288, Branch: Dansoman

2.       Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) – A/c No. 1091000004263501, Branch: Dansoman

3.       Ecobank – A/c No. 0080134409664501, Branch: Dansoman 

4.      Uni Bank A/c No. 0210102429917, Branch: Accra Main

(b)   Online Customers: Cleared Cheques, Cash/Cheque pay-in to SWL Account, Mpower Payment Service/Visa and Bank transfer


(iii)    Delivery: 

a.       SWL will deliver the books through our Courier Service Providers upon request. Packaging and delivery cost will be charged to your invoice and delivery will be done only after SWL has received payment for your order.

b.      Customers who opt to collect their books from the SWL wholesale shop at Dansoman, Sahara-Accra (Ghana) would pay only the Total Net Value of the books on Cash and Carry basis. 

c.   Customers may also buy SWL Books through local Book sellers on mutually agreed Trading terms.

Why Purchase SWL Books?

 • SWL Textbooks are well-researched, easily understandable and syllabus-compliant.

 • SWL books are written by seasoned authors from Basic Schools to Universities across Ghana.

 • SWL storybooks (readers) are educative and inspiring, encouraging readers to read more and form the habit of reading.

 • SWL books are of very high standards in terms of content, design, illustration, binding etc.

·      Request to See Sample Copies of SWL Books: SWL admits that a school would want to inspect single copies of our books before adopting them. Therefore we have developed our website ( with Book Preview option to help you select and flip through some pages of our books before making the decision to adopt the book for your school.

You may also come to the Wholesale shop at the Head Office of SWL and request to assess titles before purchase or visit a Bookshop near you.


1. You can place orders at the website of SWL (, or by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

, text messaging or phone calls (0270551334, 0270551449, 0270551446) to the Marketing &Sales Team of SWL.

2. The website will generate automatic invoice for customers buying online. This will include packaging and delivery cost where applicable.

3. A Pro-forma invoice will be generated by SWL for Customers who may order their books through e-mail, text messaging or phone calls and customer informed of the total value of the order.

4. Customers must make full payment of the total cost in the form of: (a) Cash at SWL Head Office (Dansoman -Sahara) (b) Cleared Cheque (c) Cash/Cheque pay-ins before taking delivery of the orders. Customers who pay cheques into SWL’s Bank Accounts will have to wait for clearance notice from SWL before collection of books or delivery via Courier Service. (See below for SWL Bank Account Numbers)

1.       Capital Bank – A/c No. 1920001082051288, Branch: Dansoman

2.       Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) – A/c No. 1091000004263501, Branch: Dansoman

3.       Ecobank – A/c No. 0080134409664501, Branch: Dansoman 

4.      Uni Bank A/c No. 0210102429917, Branch: Accra Main

Customers can view online, the current SWL Catalogue from cover to cover to browse and know the current stock of all SWL books.

A full price list: Please check for the current year’s price list. It is also available online at


Location: No. 1 Adole Abla Link, Opposite St. Augustine Anglican Church, Dansoman-Sahara, Accra.


CONTACTS: Tel: 0270551334, 0270551449, 0270551446 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.