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She is a seasoned Secretary and Investment Banker with over 31 years working experience in various capacities, including Private Secretary, Head of Brokerage, Investment and Registrars Department, Special Assistant to the Managing Director and Board Secretary for many years. She retired as Deputy Chief Manager in charge of Compliance and Administration at NTHC.

She served as the Board Secretary of International Needs Ghana (ING) and later the Board Chairman for 14 continuous years. She also served on various Boards including the Board of Social Responsibility & Rural Development (BSRRD) of The Methodist Church Ghana.

She is currently the Chairman of the Communications and Publication Directorate of The Methodist Church Ghana and  a member of National Council of the Bible Society of Ghana (BSG).  She holds Diploma in Business Studies and Ghana Stock Exchange Securities Certificate and her exposure includes International Seminars and Conferences in South Africa, USA, Prague, South Korea, UK, Cote D’Ivoire, Mozambique and The Gambia. 

She holds Diploma in Business Studies and Ghana Stock Exchange Securities Certificate and has undertaken various courses in Finance and Administration.